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Welcome to Digital Media Agency and SEO consultancy

Digital Media Agency and SEO consultancy

We provide consultancy services on all sorts of issues relating to digital, social media, SEO and search engine rankings.

As a social media advisor and manager it is simple to just get stuck into the main job. However keeping up to date with your CV is important, as key as making sure Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus accurately shows your current situation. They exhibit your attention to detail. They are a useful tool if anyone asks about the experience you possess, and the work you have done.

What I actually enjoy doing is sharing and communicating. The way in which I do that differs depending on the time. Often, it’s about much more than a single type of communication as that becomes helpful to me. For example, we’re used to the idea in a company that we may meet, yet still send a line to “back up” our chats with a permanent record. In social media, we may post to Google Plus, Facebook and LinkedIn relying on the audiences we work with. We may also have more lengthy posts at our blog.

Social media is not the only response to our communications, as not everyone uses it yet. I know many people who strongly state “no Twitter for me”. Or Facebook, for that matter! The point is, if all your marketing is reliant on one type of marketing, then you’re missing a trick. You’re going without the joy of turning those chats into more indepth chances to collaborate and discuss with your fellow people. My word for this year is “Investigate” – and one way you could start to investigate this year is to think about how you can deepen those connections, however you first made them.

On this website we discuss social media a lot. If you have any queries about the following, please do let us know:

social media sites

social media definition

types of social media

social media jobs

social media for business

social media examples

social media strategy

history of social media

We offer loads of tips for people getting to grips with social media. Bear in mind when using your outlets:

  • Ease of use for consumers
  • Resource – how often do they need to be updated, and is someone designated to do that?
  • How many hours you’ll spend on social networking a week, when compared to other marketing for your company
  • Who your audience and target market is

The great news is that most platforms are completely free, though some have a money-based element, meaning that these are efficient and free ways to add presence and honesty to your online presence.

More tips for you to get started:

  • Always begin with listening to understand how the outlets work and if your readership is present
  • Consider some sort of training to inform you
  • Start small and organically with well laid-out goals
  • Measure what works so you can do more of what is working
  • Don’t just depend on social media – use various platforms, tools and networking to get successes.  Social media is a communications means

Watch out soon for some analyses of social network outlets to further help you with the question of what a social network is.

Latest Organic Search Client

2SM would like to welcome on board our latest client, Showtime who are based in London. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.